Our Vision

In the heart of Mason, OH, we are driven by a divine vision: to raise a house in honor of Allah ﷻ, serving as a beacon for our ever-expanding community.

We’ve meticulously mapped out our journey, starting with Phase 1A and 1B – the foundation of our dream. This encompasses the pivotal tasks of laying the foundation, erecting the core structure, and embedding essential utilities.

A projected estimate for these milestones stands at $4.5 million. As we embark on this blessed mission, our immediate goal is to gather $3 million.

Your generosity will not just cement bricks and mortar; it will sow the seeds of community, faith, and togetherness. Give what you can, and know that every contribution holds immeasurable value. May Allah ﷻ shower boundless barakah upon your health, wealth, and loved ones.

Join us in shaping this legacy. Donate wholeheartedly.

You may also donate with Zelle: icmohio@gmail.com

Contact Br. Amir Qureshi: +1 (513) 765-0786