Welcome to the Islamic Center of Mason

Welcome to the Islamic Center of Mason

Islamic center of Mason, commenced its humble beginnings at 999 Reading Road, Mason, OH, in the year 2013 by the Grace of Allah.

Mission Statement

Our VISION is to make ICM a model for the community, by embracing traditional Islamic practices and values while serving humanity.
We believe it’s our duty to contribute to the betterment of society and be good neighbors and citizens. This requires working in harmony with other faith groups and civic organizations to enhance our collective future.

Our MISSION is to support, promote and develop a comprehensive and peaceful way of life, as outlined in the ‘Holy Quran’ and the sunnah (prophet’s way of life), also to provide serene environment for individual and families to grow spiritually and happily.
At the Islamic Center of Mason, we strive to practice and present Islam by providing a variety of religious, educational and social activities for Muslims, interfaith partners and anyone interested in learning about the values and teachings of Islam.

You can find the By-Laws document here.

A Place For You

ICM takes pride in its heritage of diversity, open-mindedness, civic engagement and community building.

This masjid is your masjid. This community is your community. Your support is what makes this entire thing possible. Please consider becoming a member today and let’s build a stronger community together.

Meet Our Board

Amir Q.

Imran Chaudhry

Imran Chaudhry

Imran Chaudhry re-elected as Board Member (Term ending 2023)

Imran has been part of Cincinnati community since 1997. Alhamdulilah Allah has blessed him with amazing family. He is married to Dr. Shazia Chaudhry and has two boys Qasim and Yaseen and daughter Eman. He has been part of ICM from Day 1. He has been a board member for last three years initially working on the education committee and now in the process of taking over accounting and finance responsibilities. Feels pride in calling Cincinnati his first home and ICM his second home.

Goher Mahmud

Goher Mahmud

Goher Mahmud was born and raised in Minneapolis, where he completed his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, Honors from the University of Minnesota. He then moved to Chicago to pursue higher education and completed his Masters and Doctorate in Chemical and Biological Engineering from Northwestern University. During graduate school, he concurrently began his study of Sacred Knowledge under various scholars, with an emphasis on learning Islamic Spirituality. Dr. Mahmud currently works in Research and Development at Procter and Gamble and resides in Cincinnati with his wife and children. During his free time, he enjoys mentoring youth and serving the community.

Anila Zindani

Anila Zindani

Anila Zindani will continue to serve as a Board Member (Term Ending 2021)

She will continue to work in her capacity as a Board Member overlooking the Educational Team.

Imran Chaudhry

Dr. Omar Akhtar

Dr. Omar Akhtar will continue to server as Board Member working in the capacity of a Board Secretary (Term Ending 2021)

Religious Leadership

Faraz Malik

Faraz Malik, Executive Director & Religious Lead

After graduating from The Ohio State University, Faraz continued his studies abroad in Amman, Jordan where he taught as an Arabic Instructor at Qasid Arabic Institute and obtained diplomas in traditional Islamic Studies. He continued his education and graduated with a Masters in Islamic Studies from Hartford Seminary where he translated one of Ibn Taymiyya’s anti-Mongol fatwas for his Masters’ dissertation.Subsequently, he completed his ‘Ālimiyyah program from Qalam Seminary and is currently completing his Masters in Mental Health Counseling.

Hafiz Fawzan Hansbahi

Hafiz Fawzan Hansbahi, Imam